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I have been licensed since December, 1974. In September, 1978 I received my Extra Class license from the FCC and my new callsign AD1C.

Almost all of my operating has been from New England (MA/NH). I moved to Colorado in late May 2007, and finally got back on the air in August, 2008 with a half-size G5RV strung up in the attic. I operated from the Galápagos in September, 2002.

You can follow one of the links to the left, or read about some of my other "projects" below.

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Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

That's Chelmsford, England! Check them out here.

Does anyone know of an amateur radio club in Brighton, U.K.?


I have been using the DX4WIN logging software since late 1997. Since early 2003, I have maintained the DX4WIN country database. This is similar to the work I have been doing for contest software (see below). I hope to merge these two efforts in the not-too-distant future. You can see the results of my work here.

Contest Country files

Since late 1993, I have maintained a country database used by most contest logging programs. This data format has also been adopted by several DX Cluster packages.

DX Cluster Info

In early 2007, I took over maintenance of the DX Cluster Info web site after the current owner decided to let it go. The data from this site is used by many programs.

Amateur Radio WWW sites and mailing lists

I also keep a list of some Amateur Radio WWW sites and mailing lists. It's not intended to be a complete list, but is unique in that it includes the mail addresses for many E-mail reflectors.

Zones and Oblasts for Russian States

After being unable to find a good cross-reference of Russian prefixes to ITU zones, I created my own - one for Europe and another for Asia. This list also includes the CQ zone, as well as the "old" and "new" Oblast designators.

Internet DXCC List

At the New England DXCC Convention in October, 1995, I spoke about the Internet as it applies to DXing. While working on the presentation, I wondered how many DXCC countries have amateur radio operators who are also on the Internet. At that time, I had collected Internet E-mail addresses from about 80 DXCC countries. As of July 13, 1997, the Internet DXCC List total is up to 194 countries!

NOTE: This list has not been updated in over 10 years!