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How to sound like a RTTY Pro

Here are some operating tips to help you sound like a RTTY pro (this is a work in progress):

  1. Message buffers should have a carriage return at the beginning and a space at the end
  2. End your CQ or QRZ messages with the word CQ or QRZ
  3. Know how and when to use AFC and NET
  4. Separate numbers with hyphens or spaces
  5. RST is 599 not 5NN
  6. Don't use phrases like "in", "hr in", "nr", "please copy" etc. in your exchange - keep 'em short! (Al in DE, OK?)
  7. Set up your buffers to make it easy to switch between running and search/pounce (without redefining keys)
  8. Avoid beacon and PSK frequencies
  9. 40 meter bandplan?
  10. .DTA and Friend files
  11. If you are CQing, send (hiscall) report (mycall) or (hiscall) report (hiscall)
  12. If you are answering a CQ, send report (mycall) or (hiscall) report (mycall)
  13. Put the word RTTY in the comment field of DX spots
  14. Learn how to translate "YQP" into "610"