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I have been chasing DX since I worked over 90 countries as a Novice (remember the 2-year, non-renewable license?). I am on the DXCC Honor Roll - Mixed (352 confirmed), Phone (350 confirmed) and CW (349 confirmed). Here is my all-time needed list (P5/North Korea is confirmed on RTTY but no other mode [yet]):

Needed Phone Only Needed CW Only
Prefix Country Prefix Country
P5 North Korea BS7 Scarborough Reef
    P5 North Korea

I also have earned the following DXCC awards (totals as of April 2011):

  • RTTY (310 confirmed)
  • 10 meters (329 confirmed)
  • 12 meters (311 confirmed)
  • 15 meters (341 confirmed)
  • 17 meters (335 confirmed)
  • 20 meters (349 confirmed)
  • 30 meters (304 confirmed)
  • 40 meters (330 confirmed)
  • 80 meters (280 confirmed)
  • 160 meters (104 confirmed)

We moved to Brighton, CO in June 2007. I got back on the air in August, 2008. I have worked over 200 DXCC entities since then, running on 100W. You can see my DXCC listing HERE.

We bought our first house in August, 1997 and on October 1, 1997 I put up a G5RV dipole about 35 feet (10 meters) high and worked my first DX from the new QTH (got K7K on Kure the very next morning). As of May 2007, I have worked 333 (mixed) countries, 330 (phone) countries and 327 (CW) countries. I also achieved WAZ on CW, SSB, RTTY, 40-10M, and 35 zones on 80M. Of countries that had been on, I have missed only FR/Glorioso and ZS8/Marion I. Had I worked and confirmed those two, I would have made the DXCC Honor Roll in just 5 years! Here is the list of DXCC entities I did not work before moving to Colorado:

  • FR Glorioso
  • KP1 Navassa
  • VK0 Heard
  • ZS8 Prince Edward & Marion

NOTE: some of the following information is out-of-date.

To see my DXCC totals by band, visit the TOPLIST. My total is about 2479. My complete (all-time) DXCC record is HERE.

I  got on RTTY for the first time in February 1999 in the CQ WPX contest and worked my first 43 countries. As of April 2011 I'm up to 310 countries confirmed. I'm running mostly 100W to keep the antennas from burning up. I'm using MMTTY software for day-to-day DXing, and WriteLog for contesting. I've put together a few links for people who are just getting started.

At the New England DXCC Convention in October, 1995, I spoke about the Internet as it applies to DXing. While working on the presentation, I wondered how many DXCC countries have amateur radio operators who are also on the Internet. At that time, I had collected Internet E-mail addresses from about 80 DXCC countries. The Internet DXCC List total was up to 194 countries before I stopped working on it in July, 1997.